PE and Sports Funding Grant (Primary) 2023-2024

This year we expect to receive £16,880, which we continued to invest in updating the PE Curriculum and sports equipment in school. We have a fully qualified and experienced PE teacher to ensure the quality of PE taught within our school continues to develop. The school has achieved the School Games Mark GOLD award in 2023
The increased focus on PE throughout the primary department continues to have a significant impact as demonstrated in the school data report. 49% of pupils made better than expected progress in PE, and 98% of primary pupils making at least expected progress over all. The school target for progress in PE for 2023-2024 is to see 60% of pupils make better than expected progress. 
The school has invested a significant amount of time into staff training during the previous academic year and this year we will continue to train our teachers and TAs in each new PE module we implement.

Curriculum leaders will focus on three key areas as they develop the PE curriculum: 

Memory Strategy

The Know More Curriculum has been designed to allow pupils to have a strong prior knowledge of topics, through previously linked learning and through cross curricular links. This will help pupils learn new information.

The Remember More curriculum revisits the same six concepts (Agility, Coordination, Balance, Tactics & Strategies, Analyse, Technique) each year on a spiral curriculum. This enables pupils to build understanding of the core principles of PE, from which to attach new information. These skills are revisited each year, with a whole half term dedicated to each skill. The skills are broken down into ‘Steps to Success, which reduces each skill into achievable progression steps. This allows all learners, regardless of ability, to develop and improve their skills in PE.

Teaching & Learning

All pupils will engage with PE lessons at Grange and the PE curriculum has been written in a way for all learners to be able to access it. The Know More modules for PE are written in a way that ensures content is delivered in small incremental chunks, specifically pitched at an appropriate level for the age and ability of each pathway. Each content plan embeds the Remember More skills which we deem to be the most fundamental elements of PE, Planning scrutiny carried out by the PE subject lead who ensures that teachers are planning appropriate and suitably challenging activities and sessions, with feedback given to each teacher. Pupils can revisit concepts and ideas at the start of each lesson to ensure they understand the content they are being taught.

Each Know More module specifically lists the vocabulary the pupils will be exposed to and that the teaching team will use. Within this section of the planning document and the Know More module the teacher will list the vocabulary of all cross-curricular subjects that the pupils will encounter during their learning.


In PE at Grange, pupils work directly on specific and individual targets. The targets are split into 5 achievable ‘Steps to Success’ which pupils work their way through. Assessment evidence is collected for each of the 5 steps to show a pupils progress over time. This style of assessment also allows pupils to master tricky concepts in a manageable way. Assessment activities for each topic are specifically listed on Know More modules to ensure teachers have a range of ideas to accurately and effectively assess pupil progress and understanding. Assessment activities are comprehensively stated on teacher’s medium-term planning and quality assured by the subject leader. Further QA by SLT of the assessment activities ensures the appropriate amount of scaffold and challenge within the assessment activities. Seesaw evidence clearly show the sequential learning through the Know More modules and how learning builds on prior knowledge. Prior knowledge is planned through the curriculum documents and listed clearly on the teacher’s planning to ensure the whole class team understands the prior knowledge needed to help the pupils build on what they already know.



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